Wednesday, October 15, 2008

play the guilt-by-association card

Leaked footage of a John McCain debate-prep session!!

So if you watched the third and final debate, what did you think? Was there a clear winner? In terms of race, it's no surprise to me that the race of neither candidate came up, at least not overtly. Did race seem like a factor or issue in any way at all?


  1. I was at a work function and did not get to watch but I did see the clips of McCain rage.

  2. That clip was surprisingly relevant. Also, Adam West makes a great mayor in Quahog, so I'm sure he would make a great prez :)

    In terms of race, did anyone catch how McCain claimed offense to being called out for racism? So he showed a total lack of ignorance regarding why someone would say that about him. I thought Obama could have really walloped him on that one, but he just seemed to take the high road. I really wanted Obama to turn straight towards McCain and say, "so, are you saying that I'm a terrorist or a friend of terrorists, or not?"

  3. Folks posted on for the debate open thread blew the dog whistle on the 'eloquent' statement by McCain, his Ayers comments, and his white guilt about John Lewis' comments.

  4. Ha! Dead on, thanks for yuk yuk, Macon. It's like good and accurate satire!

    I thought race came up in the debate with the connection McCain insisted on between Lewis and Obama. Why must Obama apologize for what every black leader says? (not that what he said even called for an apology) Does McCain have to apology for what every white leader says? (no--not even his own crazy religulous "associates")

  5. Hey Phoebe, I didn't realize Adam West is now a mayor! Yeah, I noticed McCain's "Why, I'm certainly not a racist!" move too, which didn't surprise me. I doubt, though, that he doesn't know what his campaign has been doing in terms of racism, "dog-whistle" and otherwise. He's decided on the low road (although he is, apparently, steadfastedly refusing to exhume Rev. Wright). I'm glad Obama has stayed up on the high one, and that he didn't even dignify with a response most of the turds being thrown at him from the low one.

    runawayfred, you must not live in America. Don't you know that Obama must apologize for what every black leader says because he himself is "black"? */sarcasm*

  6. WTF! that's hilarious! Isn't it funny that we show so much love for mccain being a war hero, yet he got captured! i need my heroes to be able to get away from the enemy.


  7. ed the sports fan,

    I like what you said.

    But what is so heroic about being a flyboy, soaring in a plane, several hundred feet above the earth, and dropping hundreds of thousands of cluster bombs and tons of napalm on civilians?

    I'm glad that he got caught by the Vietcong, for he, in my book, was a war criminal. McCain was not drafted to fight in Vietnam; therefore, he made the choice to be there. Also, when you are not a draftee, and you put in the many years to learn to be a pilot specifically for the armed forces, it is obvious that you like to make war. To me a war hero, from the Vietnam era, is one who was drafted and was a [reluctant] foot soldier who got captured by the "enemy"--John McCain ain't that.

  8. ed the sports fan,

    Please do not think that the biting tone of my previous comment was directed at you, at your comment. (I have re-read what I have written, and it seems as if it may come across that way.)

    Any sharpness in my comment is directed at the foolishness with which some people consider the war monger McCain to be a war hero.

  9. Why must Obama apologize for what every black leader says?

    Because those are the Jim Crow rules -- guilt by racial association.


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