Tuesday, October 21, 2008

give john mccain's bigotry a pass

I guess today is my "really good Internet video" day, cuz here's another one, featuring Adriel Luis of the ill-literacy collective.

First, a question, or two--imagine if Barack Obama had said anything like the blatantly racist or sexist things that John McCain has. How "unforgivable" would that be, and how many times a day, every day, would we have to hear about it?

What does it say about race in America when on the one hand, white leaders get a pass for actually saying outrageous, bigoted things (and black leaders don't get such a pass), but on the other, the still-unfounded rumor of a "whitey" tape involving not even Obama himself, but instead his wife, has had such staying power?

And in terms of racial bigotry, why are so few people in the white-framed corporate media and elsewhere refusing to simply label John McCain what he clearly is, or at least raise more questions about that?

And why are so many more white people "concerned" instead about what Barack Obama is--that is, our first viable possibility for a "black" president?

And why do so many white folks still like to say, despite evidence to the contrary in such blatant double standards, that America is now "colorblind," and that we're pretty much beyond racism these days?

And if Obama wins, why will so many more white folks find in that win evidence for the end of racism, rather than for the tremendous will and endurance of a man and his family in overcoming the persistent, seemingly deathless fact of racism?

[h/t: The Unapologetic Mexican]

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  1. Have you seen the cool new Quincy Jones III video on how we're not gonna stop this train till it gets where it's going?


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