Wednesday, October 1, 2008

fail to see the pathological whiteness of john mccain and sarah palin

Bill Maher explains how hard white Republicans have to pull on their bootstraps, just to get a little further along in this racist, mean old world.


  1. I saw that yesterday! IT WAS BRILLIANT!

  2. This is so funny because its true.

  3. It is quite true. We have been told that during this election we have been having a conversation about race but in actuality we have been having a conversation about blackness because whiteness and what it means is being ignored. I commented on this in a piece I wrote for Global Comment.

    It is quite significant that whiteness is being ignored because it is once again normalizing it. It makes race about blackness and the ways in which it is problematic rather than the problem being about injustice and white hegemony.

  4. Great catch! Thanks for posting.

  5. Glad you liked it, kit, mr. noface, and deb.

    Renee, as with your other pieces at Global Comment (and your blog), I think you're dead on in that piece. McCain and Palin's whiteness are the Great Unnamed that Must Not Be Named (Biden's too, for the most part). That's why I found it so refreshing and unusual for Bill Maher to tackle the White Elephant in the Room like this.

  6. I really miss HBO sometimes. Bill Maher's a bright comedian.


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