Saturday, April 26, 2008

lock their car doors

I'm sure you've noticed--when white people are driving and a black person looms into view, down go the locks.

Is it any wonder you've never seen a black hitchhiker?

Recently, Jon Stewart and Larry Wilmore did their best to start a national dialogue about such common white fears, having been inspired by Barack Obama's historic speech on race. Surely they deserve our gratitude for initiating this important conversation.


  1. TBH, my mother, who is African-American does this too. However, since I have not asked her about it, I cannot tell if it is internalized racism or the fear of a strange man walking close to your car.s

  2. My Korean-American mom does this as well. In her case, it is straight-up racism, though I guess if we're using the "racism=prejudice+power" calculus it's mere prejudice.


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