Sunday, April 20, 2008

hire migrant workers

A common method migrant workers use to find work is to stand in appointed places and wait for someone to hire them for "day labor." It's ironic that while white people do most of the hiring of day laborers for work they don't want to do themselves, white people also do most of the complaining about their presence in America.

Studies demonstrate that three-quarters of day laborers in the U.S. are illegal immigrants from Central America. White Americans usually classify them, though, as "Mexicans."

In 1940, as Ariela J. Gross points out, the U.S. Census began to classify Mexican immigrants to America as "white," unless they were "definitely Indian or of other non-white race." Nevertheless, ordinary Americans went on treating Mexican Americans in general as if they were not white.

Will enough Mexicans and other Central Americans come to America so that someday, they too can finally enjoy the freedom to do the things that white Americans do?

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  1. I wish I could find one of those corners around here. I've been saying for years that I'd love to find a Mexican guy to work on my farm. I'd give him a free place to live. I can't get the white guys around here to do shit. I've seen Mexican dudes down in Mexico out in the middle of huge fields with the sun blazing at 110 degrees working their asses off. . . and I'm in a car driving dying from the heat.
    Oh, and I never complain about Mexicans, illegal or otherwise.


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