Friday, April 11, 2008

allow their obsession with race to obscure their perception of other things

For one minute and nine seconds, watch these whites and blacks play together:

Okay, fair enough, this failure-of-vision thing could happen to anyone.

Have a good weekend!

(Hat-tip to The Assimilated Negro)


  1. I don't get it. I know I'm just a dumb hillbilly, but this went right over my head. There's a white guy on the white team and a white guy on the black team. The announcer asks us to watch how many passes the white team makes and in the process we miss the guy in a bear costume moonwalking.
    This illustrates white obsession with race how?
    Not denying the basic premise, I just need a little help.

  2. Weeeeeellll, it's Friday, which made me feel like pulling some legs . . . Jokes ain't funny when you explain them . . . But I will say that it's been pointed out many times that America's focus on race obscures its understanding of, say, social class.

  3. Sorry Macon. I'm sure it was funny. Sometimes I miss jokes. . . right over the head.

    Yes! I agree. It's about race, class, color, gender and all sorts of social variables.

    OH!, I get it. . . poking fun at yourself. Good. My
    #1 rule. Don't take yourself too serious.

  4. That was also on

    good post readers love this


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