Saturday, January 24, 2009

make racist food for "fun"

It's not just corporate food processors who continue to make racist food. Individuals still do it too. Check out this guy's "Drunken Negro Head" cookies:

That's Lafayette French Pastry, 26 Greenwich Ave, NYC, (212) 242-7580. According to a commenter at one site, "Ted likes to answer his own phone."

I wonder if Ted sells Obama Waffles too?

Every president's image gets commodified, but with Barack Obama's image, race enters the picture. I can't think of a product with Bush's image on it that had anything to do with his whiteness. Can you? It's almost as if the previous white presidents didn't have a race.

Obama Waffles and Drunken Negro Head cookies are presented by their makers as harmless humor or satire, but they're clearly racist to others, including me. Is it possible to make food with Obama's image that isn't racist? What about, for instance, "choc-O-bama," which is described by its makers as "change you can sink your teeth into"?

The writing on the box: “After many months of hard work towards CHANGE, the time has finally arrived. We all HOPE the future tastes as smooth as this fine choc-O-bama. If you do not believe that one person or one piece of chocolate could make a difference, stop and think again. “YES WE CAN!”


  1. yum, takes like opportunism!

    no seriously, disgusting. if i hadn't already seen it at womanist musings, i'd probably be in tears right now.

  2. at least people are being more upfront with their racism so I know who not to give my money to

  3. I think what really got me is when he announced that he was not a racist because he has a Cuban brother in law. It is the same as the my best friend as a kid was black, anything to legitimate racism. He has since announced that he has sold out of these little delicacies and how no plans of making anymore. Hopefully this got enough publicity to seriously impact his business.

  4. Choc-obama? Amazing. I think the true racists would have a tough time digesting that... hope they choke.

    What's worse than the racism expressed via food is a bunch of these folks selling it are only out for a buck. I'll bet some of them are so cynical that they really aren't racist, just exploiters of both bigots and black folks 'cause they only see green. Sort of like the completely amoral men who sell weapons to both sides of a war and keep the conflict going.

  5. Next thing you know, this crazy guy would be trying to sell chocolate-covered watermelon. When will white people learn to just stop saying stupid shit regarding race for once in their lives? Drunken Negro?! Is he serious?! It's a wonder he didn't spark a riot over some dumb shit like that.

  6. I have just come across your blog this evening and first wanted to say thankyou for your thoughtful and insightful postings.

    In perusing the archives, I would offer my own suggestion for a blog entry, if it is one you have not already considered: namely the topic of White people substituting the phrase 'Illegal Immigrants' to really mean, "those damned Mexicans," as if the U.S. doesn't have another border to the North whatsoever, and that all illegals must be of some 'other' ethnic descent.

    This topic is one that really aggravates me on a number of personal levels, for while I'm married to a US Citizen, I do not yet possess a green card - it's expensive and complex and has become even moreso since 9/11. I, technically, even being married to a US Citizen, am in the grey area of legality as a result. I cannot tell you how many times I have had to correct someone who has brought up these horrid racist associations, and when I point out that I'm technically one of those 'illegals' they're getting so worked up about, there's always the inevitable backtracking of, "Oh, well, you're married to a US Citizen," or, "You speak English as a first language," as if that is a magic pass. I have been known to froth at the mouth over it when it comes up on the news networks, and recently took a friend to task over forwarding a racist chain email clearly targeted at Mexican immigrants but using the guise of "illegals."

    In returning this to some relevance on your posting, I am pretty damned horrified at the idea of a Chocobama. Seriously, people? Wow.


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