Tuesday, January 20, 2009

at last


  1. Hell, I've been trying to not get all crazy excited about this. He's another president who is not going to do everything he needs to do to set things right. He's better than the last president, but so is my left ovary. And it's 2009 and we really should have had someone who identifies as black in that damned oval office a long time ago.

    but this, this made me cry. and i will never hear that song without thinking of this date.

  2. Etta James is still alive!

    Why must we be subjected to the mediocre, at best, talent of Beyonce? Especially, when her singing of the song is a step below that which was conveyed by the first recorded singer of that song, Ms. James?

  3. One hundred and fifty MILLION dollars spent on the inauguration (GWBush, the last elected monarch, only spent fifty million on his.)--when the US economy is sailing smoothly to a permanent "soft" depression!

    Obama threatening a veto if Congress does not give him the three hundred fifty billion dollars (of taxpayers money--yours and mine!) to "bail out" the remaining Wall Street robbers who are looking for a handout.

    He delivered an inaugural speech that thoroughly whitewashed American history. God forbid he should ever talk about race: Yes, he did mention that his father, when he came to the US, was refused service in some restaurants; but he did not say why!

    "At last" what? At last a black man is president? At last a black couple dancing at a presidential inauguration? (We really do need a monarchy, this way we can see our politicians for who they are...just politicians. Therefore, we won't be hesistant or afraid to hold their feet to the fire.) So what, when all we're getting is more of the same, only this time the new manager of empire comes wrapped in brown skin.

  4. I agree with all the comments here.

    I can't say I expect Obama to do everything perfectly either but seriously, anyone is better than Bush and he's taking steps to create some hope and postivity. I can't expect him to talk about race either; then we'll just see a back-lash of dumb-shit comments and accusations of him being "partisian" or "Oh, you act as if there's no racist Black people!" *sigh* If it was bad before, it'll be 1000x worse now that he's President.

    As soon as he talks in depth about race (if ever) this recession will make a quick recovery as all the Haters will be "employed".


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