Sunday, September 14, 2008

fail to see what's wrong with racist jokes

Have you heard about "Obama Waffles" yet? Unfortunately, I think you're going to hear a lot about them in the next few days. Here's the straight poop, right from the mouths of the waffle creators.

Just TRY to count the ways these two guys don't have a damn clue. I dare you to try--because I know you'll lose count.

[hat-tip to SWPD reader redcatbiker; good commentary at What About Our Daughters]

UPPATE: I told you you'd be hearing a lot about these stupid-ass waffles. Here's a CNN report on them, cluelessly linked from their site's front page with the words, "Some find Obama waffles offensive."

Oh really, CNN, "some" do? Well hey, who are these offended folks anyway, and just why are they so mildly upset? I know! How about we "hit the streets" and find out?

"Controversial, offensive, ridiculous, unfair," reporter Erin Holt says in the following clip, shying away from the word that first came to mind for me--the images and words on this waffle-mix box are flat-out racist.

Reporting for News 2 (that's WKRN, in Nashville), Holt does indeed "hit the streets" to find out what some ordinary folks think of these waffles. Maybe News 2 only gave her time to interview two people, because all she finds is two white people, who also don't identify anything racist about the waffle box.

This is your hardworking "liberal media" at work, folks. Using your public airwaves. The message: "Nothing much to get 'offended' about here. In fact, those Obama Waffles, like the goofy guys who came up with them, they're really kinda fun!"

Maybe the best way to address this "satire" is with more satire? The Brooklyn Comedy Company seems to think so.


  1. *SMH*

    Muslim garb? Really? Wow.

    Members of my Nigerian family wear similar native attire at important functions and my family's Christian. So I guess this equals Muslim garb too?

    The shameless level of ignorance is heartbreaking.

  2. As soon as I saw this, it reminded me of this post on Jezebel:


    And as far as the 'average' American is concerned, yes, that is Muslim garb, anonymiss.

    Amazing... thanks for sharing this.

  3. Hi,

    We're 2 fat, racist, white guys from the birthplace of the KKK but really, it's just political satire.

    I guess you can say that at least their somewhat open about it...that is more than I can say for many of the Rethugs I know.

  4. I've said this before and will probably say this again, white people are not credible, reliable resources on what is and isn't racist.

    One guys says they didn't even think about it. But why would they. Very few white people need to be concerned with whether or not what they're doing or saying is racist. And for heaven's sakes, it's not what you intended that matters all the time, it's how the other person feels.

  5. I think "clueless" really is the best word for it.

    There seriously is no excuse for what they've done, but I really do believe them when they say they don't think they're being racist or that they don't find anything racist about Aunt Jemima. They obviously have just never given anything like that an ounce of thought in their entire lives.

    I would like to think that any negative reaction they get to this ridiculousness will be a wake up call for them, but I doubt it will be. They will probably just dismiss their critics as overly "politically correct" and jumping to conclusions, and go on through life without examining their immense privilege.

  6. That reminds me, the whole Aunt Jemima thing is sexualize racism itself. Not the man's comment, but the idea.

  7. Under the system of racism (white supremacy) the white supremacists are very disceptive. Just because a person may say that they "didn't mean anything by it," doesn't mean that it's true. Whites see nothing wrong with offending non-whites. This is eveident in the way they make a mockery out of the many so-called "Indian" names for their mascots: "chiefs," "indians," etc. I'm bound to believe that they are just inherently hateful toward non-whites. Every non-white they make a name for: "sand-nigger," "chink," "gook," "nigger," "coon," "wet back," so on, and so on. Man, i'm sorry, I'm beginning to believe that they (collectively) are just hateful!

  8. Next they will slap his image on a box of rice and claim that they didn't know any better.

  9. Actually, I do not believe that they were "clueless." That is a common excuse white folk often fall back on but are you going to tell me that they thought Aunt Jemima meant "high quality?"


  10. anonymous - You are not the only one!


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