Monday, September 22, 2008

consider white privilege a trivial matter

In the video below (which is the fifth episode of "This Week in Blackness"), Elon James White analyzes John Stossel's recent article in the New York Sun on white privilege.

In that article, Stossel (co-anchor of "20/20" on ABC News) writes:

White privilege does still exist, but Mr. Obama's success is more evidence that it's not the whole story. There are plenty of people in America who want to vote for someone because he is black. Or female. . . .

There is black privilege — and white privilege. It's time to stop complaining about past discrimination and to treat people as individuals, not as members of a certain race.

Episode Six of "This Week in Blackness" is good too--actually, they're all good, probably because the Brooklyn Comedy Company puts them together.

Go. See. Laugh. Get smarter. Share your knowledge.


  1. Wow, John Stossel's got his head lodged pretty far up his own ass. So does Shelby Steele. Does the average African-American 17-year-old kid receive many opportunities from colleges and universities? That's great. Rich, educated black people might get invited to join the country club, but what about those who've missed out on the opportunities for education?

    Stossel thinks black privilege is right up there with white privilege? Let's privilege means being able to be in a mostly black crowd or neighborhood and not feel that people are looking at you because your skin color is different. Is that about it?

  2. The This Week in Blackness video is funny. Thanks for posting it. I checked out the others on their website, they are funny, too.

  3. I am very NOT surprised that Stossel said this. His "Gimme A Break!" series routinely and purposefully ignores so many kind of discrimnations, I would find myself getting into shouting matches with my television.

  4. I'm very disappointed with Stossel. I usually enjoy his segments on 20/20.

    I liked that clip from the BcCO.

  5. I hope by 2042 white privilege will be a trivia matter.

  6. I actually had a crush on John Stossel way back in the day. Wow, he's so jaded.

    Thanks for the TWIB video, Macon D. I hadn't heard of this until now. :thumbsup:


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