Monday, January 4, 2010

technical question

This post is just a technical query. I switched the commenting function here, from requiring readers to go to a separate, white page to fill out a commenting box, to providing the box right at the bottom of each post.

I thought this other way would make it easier to comment (especially if readers land directly on separate posts, rather than the main page), and also easier to refer to the post itself while commenting, because it still appears in its original form above the comments. I also like how the blog's appearance is maintained while commenting, rather than having it replaced by a blank whiteness (come to think of it, maybe that's appropriate).

However, several commenters have pointed out that they can no longer cut-and-paste into the comment box in this new format. Oddly enough, I can do that, whether I'm signed into Blogger or not (and whether I try it in Firefox or Explorer).

Any suggestions for how to get cut-and-paste working for everyone?

If anyone knows of a quick, easy way to get cut-and-paste working in this new format, I could write a description of that above the comment box.

Is the old, go-to-this-new-blank-page-to-comment system better? Do you think I should I just switch back to that way, so everyone can easily cut-and-paste again?


  1. It's really not consistent at all for me now. On my desktop (running Windows XP) I can post comments, copy and paste, etc. while using Firefox. On my laptop (running Windows 7) sometimes I can comment on Firefox, sometimes I can't. When I can, I can't copy/paste. Sometimes there is a big box over the place to type our comments. I end up switching to IE which helps, but I received a little pop-up from the browser indicating that the page I was on was meant for older browsers. No matter what I use my spellcheck doesn't work at all. And I can't even scroll left and right. The new version is also lame in that it doesn't save my contact information.

    Obviously I prefer it the way it was before. But if you're able to work something out, that's good too.

  2. You can't copy and paste if you right-click.

    The normal Ctrl-C, Ctrl-V shortcuts will work, though.

    I've also found that once I start typing, if I then right click, the paste option is available.

  3. A. Smith,

    Control V doesn't work for me in this format either.

    Still, I'd rather be able to see the post easily than be able to copy/paste.

    I do suggest reporting this as a bug to Blogger.

  4. I'm using Firefox 3.5.6 on a Mac (running OS 10.6.2) and I can't copy and paste, either with cmd-c, cmd-v, or with the edit menu functions. I also suggest reporting this as a bug to Blogger.

  5. I can't copy/paste, and I can't type two spaces in a row, and the cursor doesn't respond to directional buttons. When I first hit "Post Comment" I get an error message and it doesn't post. However the text stays, and then I can copy/paste at will and type as many spaces as I want. It always posts on the second try.

    I'm using the latest Firefox on an XP box. Haven't tried IE. I like the look of this comment style better, but unless you can get it to work I prefer the old format.

  6. Thanks all for the suggestions so far. Does anyone know the best place and/or email address to report this problem to Blogger as a bug? I've been looking around and haven't found it yet.

  7. I'm using the latest Firefox on Mac laptop... Apple + v is working.

  8. I can't copy and paste either, but what I do is right-click on the box, move down to "This Frame" in the pop-up menu, and select "Show Only This Frame." This, as suggested, opens the text box alone as a new page where I'm able to copy and paste. When I post the comment, it first says there's an error, but everything I wrote stays intact. I press "Post Comment" again to send it for real. Everything works, as far as I know.

  9. i'm on a linux machine using firefox.

    ctrl-v/ctrl-c does not work.
    ctrl-insert/shift-insert does not work.
    linux middle-click paste still works.

    also, oddly, the arrow keys do not work.

    i think this post should be titled "try to figure out their damn computers."

  10. Windows XP & Exlorer: I've had no problem cut and pasting using ctrl+c & +v. I do tend to have to click "post comment" several times before it actually goes through.

  11. I certainly like the way the commenting box is now blended into the layout. Especially how the 'blank whiteness' of the separate commenting page is gone. The number one reason i read this blog is to get away from too much whiteness and now you've made it even better!

  12. I can't even leave comments in Firefox with this new system, have to resort to an inferior browser. Much prefer the previous version.

  13. FOr some reason this is not letting me sign on with my google account which I do not like . I do like the ability to not have to go to a different page. Unfortunately since this isn't letting me sign on it isn't letting me subscribe or unsubscribe from comments (and there is one conversation thread that I'm so done reading about b/c it has gotten out of control).

    Lisa J

  14. It seems to be an issue caused by the comment box being in a separate frame. It works fine on Chrome (on Linux). It only works with Middle-click copy on Firefox.

  15. "Is the old, go-to-this-new-blank-page-to-comment system better? Do you think I should I just switch back to that way, so everyone can easily cut-and-paste again?"

    I use Safari and I was able to cut and paste with no issues. I like the change.

  16. You can cut and paste, you just need to double-click the text box. Also, it gives me an error the first time I hit "preview", but the second time it goes through fine.

  17. What's that? Somebody's actually asking for my opinion?

    - I love the in-line comment box. Looks great.
    - Not jumping to a white page is noticeably nice, but I didn't really mind it much before.
    - I haven't noticed a cut/paste problem. (I use Safari.)

    - Long comments (sorry, I'm gonna work on that!) are really hard to deal with because the scroll bars get super wonky.
    - I don't like the pop-up for login. I just don't like pop-ups, and when the login field was below the comment box it remembered me. Now I have to log in every time.
    - As noted, the new preview doesn't seem to work reliably. I've stopped using it.

  18. Wait. We can subscribe to comment threads?
    I've been wishing for that for months!

    How to do?

  19. I'm using Mozilla Seamonkey on Linux, and can not come up with any way to paste. Not only that, but people with non-standard browsers may also have issues (phones, etc.). BTW, my arrow keys don't work, either.

    This is a known issue in Blogger - it has something to do with the scripting, I think.

    Blogger has an option to allow opening up a separate window just for comments which might be more convenient all around.

    Hmm. I just tried this in Firefox (Linux) and the pasting function was fine. It's also working in Chromium (Linux).

    As an alternative, you might consider using a comment tracking service like Haloscan, but that could actually cause other problems for people logging in.

  20. this is an incredibly active, tumultuous's really outgrown the 'blog' format. this should be a full-on message board w/at least 1 moderator, pref 2, and profiles, the works.

  21. Everyone who is having a problem with pasting reported the problem in Firefox/Mozilla, so perhaps the problem is Firefox/Mozilla, not Blogger. It's probably better to report bugs to Mozilla than Google anyway, because I'm not sure if Google even cares about updating Blogger.

  22. This is probably a Firefox bug. It has been documented here: Firefox Blogspot embeded comment form issue - Cant copy/paste & use Home/End keys. Report the bug to Mozilla?

  23. Thank you for your help, Restructure, I was trying to report it to Blogger, but will report it to Firefox too. Still not sure if I should switch back to the old format, since I've only gotten some complaints on this thread, and none on the long one that just took place.


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