Monday, November 16, 2009

take a moment to celebrate cnn's dumping of lou dobbs

What a joy it was last week to hear that CNN's resident angry-white-guy and hate-monger, Lou Dobbs, has resigned. In the following good-bye, Nezua, of "Unapologetic Mexican" fame, provides a solid overview of the context that gave rise to Dobbs and his ilk -- a context in which cruel inhumanity to immigrants and their families has become an accepted norm.

You can also view this video in a dark room at Nezua's XOLAGRAFIK Theater, or at La Frontera Times . (I also recommend Nezua on Tumblr: "Imaginando")


  1. good riddance to the dumb bastard. However, I won't be surprised if he moves to Faux News...

  2. Wow, great context, so on point. Thanks Nezua! Really well done. It's more horrific than ever for foreigners, it seems, all the darker ones especially.

  3. Oh yes, I was definitely celebrating when I heard.

  4. Another white conservative expelled from television. Now if only we could take the voice from all white conservatives then we'd be set.

    Freedom and the definition thereof only belongs to those who use it according to what is permissible and expected of them in society.

  5. Lou Dobbs attacked Latinos, and he never understood that Latinos were the ones who helped elect George Bush. Latinos are overwhelmingly pro-life, conservative and Catholic.

    Attack Latinos, and you attack 38% of the population. Not a smart move.

    I remember watching UniVision (Spanish-only news channel) and seeing Rush Limbaugh and Lou Dobbs, quoted, over and over-- the worst of what they had to say was on an endless loop.

    It was the beginning of the end for the Republican party.

    Good Riddance.

  6. immigrants are fine-no hai problema mis amigos...if one is here legally, with documentation.

    it's ILLEGAL immigrants that must be deported.

    yes, there would be no illegal immigration if there weren't a big demand for cheap compliant labor.

    yes the u.s. stole texas from mexico 150 years ago...and acquired california from same equally dubiously 200 years ago.

    nevertheless, no sovereign nation can just allow unrestricted entry accross its borders. i've never heard an argument for it that makes any sense.

  7. I thought "What's Nezua going to say?" when I first heard that racist Lou Dobbs was leaving his post.

    Nezua never disappoints me.

  8. Freedom and the definition thereof only belongs to those who use it according to what is permissible and expected of them in society.


    Quit your bellyachin', let's not pretend that white men don't dominate talk radio and the entirety of a network that rhymes with Mocks News.

    Lou Dobbs is free to go round up investors for his own news network if he so pleases. He is free to find a job at Fox, he is free to die in an alcoholic stupor, forgotten and alone. Meanwhile viewers are free to complain, whine, bitch, and harangue CNN, and CNN is free to fire him. I am free to not watch him and I'm free to not patronize his advertisers.

    It seems to me you have a problem with freedom. Now quit whining and go masturbate to a Rand novel.

  9. All that came to my mind was "WHAT THE FRESH HELL TOOK THEM SO LONG?"

  10. @Saintsin: Oh, please. Dobbs was a hack, a shill who used his long-watched bully pulpit for enrich himself. "Conservatism" means less to this guy than stirring up impressionable eyeballs desirous for an outlet to voice and validate their inner ugliness. And really, CNN could have let his crusty butt go a long time ago, but they didn't. Why? Because Dobbs had, at one time, brought in solid ratings with his overblown outrage and eagerness to shake the racist "ooga-booga" stick.

    Think about it: Rush Limbaugh has the pre-eminent position on talk radio because he brings in ratings, and he knows how to negotiate blockbuster terms in his contracts. I imagine that he's no more wedded to the odious positions he promotes than a serial adulterer is his or her spouse. Thus, the media chatter about the delicate parting dance between CNN's management and Dobbs is, at best, posturing. I'm sure many people at the network, including top brass, found his rhetoric (and piss- poor, manipulative fact-checking) grating, especially with the President continuing to reference it, but I suspect they probably would have kept him if they weren't "going in a different direction" that may guarantee them more advertising dollars.

    In short, CNN is looking to reposition itself as the "fair and balanced" alterntive between the two extremes, Fox and MSNBC. Having birthed the media virus that is Glenn Beck, now on Fox, and propped up Dobbs's delusions, they have a lot of making up to do. More, if they want to showcase "conservative" positions, from moderate to libertarian, why not find some people who actually know what the hell they're talking about, who also respect people with differing opinions?

  11. @chemist

    Yes, you're right - we've got the freedom to do all the things you mention in your post.

    You forgot one example though: we have the freedom to support the airing of all sorts of differing political viewpoints on television, including those we don't agree with. Especially those we don't agree with. Something you might want to keep in mind.

  12. @The Chemist and Skeptic

    I apologize for probably wording my post wrong but i agree with you two. I was no fan of racist Lou Dobbs and was glad to see him go.

    I wasn't trying to make a "case" in support him. He misused his freedom of speech and it's good that he lost his television show's ratings over it.


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