Wednesday, April 1, 2009

fear for the safety of white women when they're around black men

I once met a young, conventionally attractive white woman who saw no problem at all with openly declaring her views on race. Her views on other races, that is. She swore all up and down, for instance, that black people of the male persuasion were out to get her.

"Like my mother always warned me," she said, "everyone knows that black boys are only after that one, single thing."

"Oh really? And what's that?" I asked.

"Sex," she said. "Especially with a white girl!"

PS--Did you get April Fooled today?

PPS--I discussed the white woman mentioned above at more length in this post, where there's also an extensive discussion in the comments of the common white fear of black men.


  1. LOL! I used the same Onion video for my April Fools' post today!

  2. I sure do hope they find the black man that mauled that poor young white lady. Lions and tigers and black men, oh my! LOL

  3. Man I dig ur blog! Keep it up!

  4. But it was probably a Brown or Black Bear

  5. I think this stereotype - that black men are after white women - like all stereotypes is based on truth. White women are considered more attractive by many people, I would say probably all communities I can think of who have been touched by colonialism in some way.

  6. Me, me, me! Let me respond to "butter"

    First, if you're cracking a April Fool's day joke, I apologize.

    Second, no one finds white women "more attractive." Due to racism, many may find whiteness more attractive. But it has nothing to do with the aesthetics of white women and everything to do with whiteness being deemed "better, superior."

    Third, I hope you come back and read this.

  7. @ butters

    This all goes back to the post-slavery era where it was dangerous for a black man to even look at a white woman too hard. White men thought that sex with a white woman was the the objective behind all black male aspiration. Accomplishments of any kind were seen as stepping stones for black men to get to white women's bedrooms. Truth of the matter is white men were concerned about the shift in the status quo and seeing their position in society diminish with the success of blacks, black males in particular. The fact that this woman was raised with the belief that all black men desire only to sleep with her proves that this ideal is still very deeply entrenched in the white psyche.

    Another ideal that is used to support the theory of the insatiable black male sexuality is that of white female purity. In order for white men to assuage their guilt over sexually assaulting black women, white women, Southern white women in particular, were put on a pedastal of purity and virtue. It has nothing to do with white women being more or less beautiful than other women; they were presented as untouchable, a prize only to be had by white men.

  8. I can confirm that he men of most races do find white women, especially blonde ones, the most desirable physically. An example, or a result, of this is the pricing of prostitutes in places like Dubai or Brazil.

  9. "men of most races do find white women, especially blonde ones, the most desirable physically."

    Are there really a lot of people who believe this? How sad really. Imperialism and racism has white women in the media shoved down everyone's throats. Yet, white women travel to the mid east/ south/east asia/ other places expecting to be the most attractive females there and are surprised when they are treated like whores and not the godesses many perceive themselves to be. White women by EVERY NON WHITE CULTURE ON EARTH are not seen as more attractive, but more promiscuous, that's why the men of color might chase ater some.

  10. Call me crazy but... didn't the white slave owners rape the black women and Indian women a lot? And didn't the europeans lust for the Africans before they even saw them in person?


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