Wednesday, December 24, 2008

listen to tom waits

Tom Waits
"Christmas Card from
a Hooker in Minneapolis"


  1. Stuff White People Do: Mention someone's race in conversation when it's completely irrelevent.

  2. (^^^ Wasn't this post intended to be a Christmas shout-out,
    and not meant to impune anyone?)

    Or Dave Matthews.
    I can't explain why his concerts are fun, they just are.
    But Waitts is iconic. That voice of rocks suits his material

  3. Yes, uglyblackjohn, I just wanted to share some apt Tom Waits, not cast aspersions and such. Glad you liked it.

    Lorraine, I agree, that's a thing that white people often do (though rarely about other white people).

  4. I see blues in this song's lyrics. (I needed to find a lyrics to see what he is singing.) It reminds me of Langston Hughes' poems, especially "Madam" poems.

    Funny, but sad, but funny, but sad, and on....

  5. Have you already covered "think that interracial marriages prove racism is 'solved'?"

  6. Hi Macon - Looks like you're on vacation or taking a break. Hope you're having a relaxing and good time with your fam.

    I love that song by Tom Waits, and I have over half of his collection... yeah, my taste in music runs a wide range, and Waits is truly unique. Take care, Kit


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