Wednesday, July 2, 2008

adopt non-white children

Many white folks express their magnanimity by adopting non-white children. This is not to say that non-white people don't adopt white children.

[source: the original home of The Simpsons. Hat-tip for the video to Carmen D at all about race]


  1. Heh heh, good one! Tracy was great. Thanks for lightening things up once in awhile, macon.

  2. No comment on International Adoption,
    but rather, a question about Tracy Ullman in blackface. Do you think blackface is ok in some circumstances but not others?

  3. Good question, Kathy. For me, it's okay in this case because the blackface serves a different purpose than it did back in the day. White performers "corking up" used to do so to pander to white stereotypes of blackness--really broad, offensive ones, too. Tracy Ullman is using black face for an opposite reason--to puncture stereotypes, and/or to point out the arrogant, presumptuous attitudes that some white celebrities have when they adopt non-white children. Their overly reflexive assumption that plucking a child out of his or her automatically "nasty" environment is in every way a good thing, as well as a thing that reflects well on them, boosting their celebrity status--these problems get lampooned well here in just a couple of minutes. So yeah, I think the blackface performance in such a case isn't at all offensive. But, that's just my opinion, which may be a white one after all.

  4. Hey, macon d, you are "smarter than the average bear." T. Ullman has not even put on "blackface" makeup, which was, during its day, burnt coal (tar black in colour) with white makeup for the lips, which over-extended the white (usually) performers lips. Billy Crystal used to do a really good, spot on, and "respectful" impersonation of Sammy Davis, Jr., wherein his face would be made up with brown foundation to match Sammy Davis's skin colour. There is a world of a difference between black face of the vaudeville era and a white actor wearing [a shade of] brown foundation to depict a black person post-vaudeville's era.

  5. what about this one?

  6. Kathty, Macon D and Redcatbiker are ignorant, just because Tracey Ullman and people like Robert Downey jr are made up to look more or less like normal Black people is not a valid excuse, it is still blackface, just with 'updated' makeup, the makeup effects available today does not wipe away the racist history of blackface, blackface was invented by whites for the (sole purpose) of PERSECUTING black people, thus when it is done today by whites, it will be held at best suspect.

    In Japan some of the youth do what is called Ganguro, they use extreme tanning paint to appear to be black but they do it to pay 'homage' to Hip Hop culture, they are not intending to inflict pain.

    In closing, Tracey Ullman is from the UK, and blackface there has different connotations ie, far less racist intent, however Tracey's act will ultimately serve to welcome back whites in blackface because it sort of makes it appear that it is no longer racist when it is because it conjures up memories of the original racist intent.

  7. Actually, for the most part non-white people do not adopt white children. I've been to every state and to almost every major city and I've never once seen a non-white person (whether it be asian, hispanic or black) adopting a white kid.

    Maybe they are more interested in promoting their people (by having their own children) than white people are?


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