Thursday, June 19, 2008

swpd at racialicious

Latoya Peterson, the editor over at Racialicious, asked if she could cross-post last week's item on white-American travel. The conversation in the Comments there is worth a look. . .


  1. My last name is Peterson, Macon.

    You should work on your name association.

  2. You should make a post on that.

  3. Yes, I should Latoya, and I do apologize! That's embarrassing. And quite likely mighty white of me too . . .

  4. (for those who might be wondering what that was all about, I initially wrote "Jackson" in this post, then changed it to "Peterson").

  5. I really liked the comments on Latoya's blog. I think the best observation is that, as Macon said, these attitudes can come from a variety of sources, money, masculinity, whiteness. I think the reason for that is that the attitude isn't 'white' per se, but rather elitist, and that whatever gives you the sense of being better or above others (again, money, race, education, etc.) will also make you look at the world through privileged eyes.

    Thus the example is only related to whiteness in so far as whiteness engenders an elitist image of oneself. But who is to say what it is that motivates someone when elitism is derived from any number of factors.

  6. Latoya Jackson? Wow.

    It's hard for me to figure out how you can read all these academic treatises on whiteness, and yet all this time, you confused one of the Racialicious editors with Michael Jackson's sister.

    Pay attention to Latoya's comment, Macon. Stuff Non-Whites Do: restrain themselves.

  7. Wow, Macon! Thanks for demonstrating how white people wildly wield the power of naming. They're always giving people nicknames based upon stereotypes. You're right, that was "mighty white" of you!

  8. I think you should be forgiven, macon. You manned up to your mistake. Or maybe, whited up? :P

    (It's pretty funny that you did that after writing a good post about it!)

    I agree with linden branch, the discussion at racialicious really expands on your piece in some good ways.

  9. Reading the comments of that thread Racialiscious reminds me of the whitey thread at Feministe--they both actually make me laugh at the saying, 'denial isn't just a river in Egypt'


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